Messages by Executive Committee

Message from Mr. Sameer Hamid Dodhy,Vice President

Pakistan Belgium Business Forum is an independent and impartial body actively promoting trade and investment between Pakistan and Belgium.

It is an honour for me to serve as the president of this forum. The executive committee members of PBBF are all hard working team players who have actively worked and contributed to the organization.

I am proud to state that PBBF is an extremely active business entity. We have been a trailblazer and can claim a number of firsts:

PBBFWe were the first business forum to obtain funding under the EU Asia Invest Program in the year 2004 whereby we conducted human resource development
  program for several members.
PBBFIn January, 2009 Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Belgium granted accreditation to PBBF. Our organization is the only Pakistani entity with
  this accreditation.
PBBFPBBF members attended two General Assemblies organized by Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce in Luxembourg (2010) and Brussels (2011). This is
  the first time that a Pakistani entity was present at such a conclave.
PBBFWe pioneered the concept of networking events in an informal friendly environment to discuss matters of mutual interest with senior officials of public and
  private entities.
PBBFPBBF is the first business forum which organized cultural events i.e. Belgian Food Festivals in 2005 and 2010.

PBBF also took 2 trade delegations from Pakistan to Belgium Most of all we have cultivated and sustained a culture of transparency and merit which has resulted in PBBF having a strong and credible reputation among business and diplomatic communities of Karachi to the extent that when other similar bilateral business organizations were formed we were approached for guidance and advice.

It gives me immense gratification in introducing the new website of Pakistan Belgium Business Forum. We have made efforts to revamp our website for the business community. We have also introduced links to other websites where important subjects are covered in greater depth.

In the end, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of our supporters, especially the Royal Belgian Embassy in Islamabad, our counterparts in Belgium, our members and various other stakeholders.

Sameer Hamid Dodhy
Vice President
Pakistan Belgium Business Forum


Mr. Mohammed Rajpar, President

The PBBF is an organization one can be proud to be a member of since it has the rare distinction of truly being an equal opportunity organization which aims to include its membership in all activities to the maximum. It is an even greater honor to have led the organization from 2001-2004 and 2007-2010 and to now be its Vice President. One hopes to add value to the pre-existing healthy trade and economic relationship between Belgium and Pakistan by facilitating and identifying new players and activities.