UCM Point of Single Contact, the place to start your business

UCM is a Point of Single Contact in Belgium which offers a wide range of services for Belgian and foreign companies. Anyone wishing to do business in Belgium or abroad can fulfil all his paperwork at the same place.

We are competent for registering companies in the Belgian company register, we check the access to the profession, we issue the professional card (for foreigners outside the European Economic Area),…

Next to those legal tasks, the UCM PSC also offers additional services like:

PBBFVAT registration
PBBFFoodstuffs authorisation
PBBFApplication for equivalence of foreign qualifications
PBBFCredit intermediate
PBBFRegistration as a contractor

Support service:

The UCM Point of Single Contact offers the possibility of a customized analysis of any business project in Belgium. This study gives you a complete overview of all the authorisations you need in order to start your activity legally in Belgium.

We guarantee through our 25 offices and our websites (in French) or (in French-English-Dutch-German) a maximum accessibility.

Choosing UCM is the guarantee of a quick and efficient service, ensured by professionals.

Phone: 0032 81 486 206